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Kanda Shokai was established as a distributor and trading company for musical instruments in 1948.

Gibson sued Ibanez for copying the "open book" headstock found on Gibson guitars.It was a determined generation that saved over five months salary to buy their dream guitar.In 1971, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Grand Funk Railroad and other famous bands toured Japan.Of course, many Japanese guitar manufacturers were producing guitars of their own design prior to this period.Many were influenced by the designs of Gibson, Fender, Mosrite, Burns, Vox etc. The first true replicas were the GRECO brand produced by Kanda Shokai Corporation.Suddenly, the Japanese younger generation was clamoring for Gibson Les Paul Customs, SG’s, Fender Stratocasters, Telecasters and others.

In 1970, the average monthly starting salary of a college graduate was 43,000 Japanese yen (JYE).This is a page highlighting the Japanese Les Paul copies - primarily the copying of the headstock of the Gibson Les Paul Custom with the broken diamond logo.The Global guitars were acoustic and electric guitars that were cheaply made instruments that came from a variety of Asian sources that got imported to a USA importer located in Chicago, IL and the importer gave the guitars the Global name and chained them out to catalog companies like Mongomery Wards, Sears and ect.Sometimes the model number may be located under the bridge pickup.MIK Love Rock models identified in this manner include ALS48 and ALS50Q.In 1969, the British rock band Led Zeppelin released two memorable albums(Led Zeppelin I and II).

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