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Regardless of other intelligence, an will have an obsessive, unhealthy, and almost encyclopedic knowledge of their chosen topic.There are almost as many flavors of this type of character as there are things under the sun, but a few of the major ones are: is an adequate translation.

She specializes in teaching people skills and believes that "where the rubber hits the road" is when people actually come face to face.

The best guess as to how the term became associated with obsessive fandom is that the word was an inside joke among the production staff of the anime series in 1982, and that they would have characters (notably Lynn Minmay) use the over-polite form of address, even when inappropriate.

Fans picked it up and used it in conversation between each other even well past the point when they would use other forms of "you", such as "kimi" or "Anata" or "omae".

She is affiliated with numerous business and professional organizations including the National Speakers Association where she holds the prestigious designation of Certified Speaking Professional.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been inspired and challenged by Anne's story.

Svakoga mjeseca pokazat ćemo vam pet različitih frizura jedne zvijezde.

Ovoga mjeseca naša zvijezda s pet frizura je Hilary Swank.

The closest troper-speak cognate would be "Loony Fan." In Japan, the term doesn't carry a positive meaning at all.

One of the first things most Japanese language classes often have to teach people is that calling yourself an otaku in Japan is a bad thing.

Hikikomori are also critically viewed as lazy and outright creepy, which doesn't help the perception of otaku much - especially after 1989, when serial killer Tsutomu Miyazaki was shown to be both an otaku and hikikomori, leading to a moral panic.

Otakuism is associated with men, with the notable exceptions of the Fangirls, Wrench Wench, the Cosplay Otaku Girl, and creators of a certain kind of comic.

Premijera njezinog novog filma „Promatrač“ održat će se 17. Žene znaju mnoge trikove kako promijeniti svoj izgled, bilo promjenom boje kose, drukčijim načinom šminkanja ili promjenom frizure.

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