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Iccoventry co uk dating

Originally the parish of Bulkington consisted of two five-hide vills - in the south Bulkington and Barnacle, and in the north Marston, Weston and Bramcote.

The early history of Bulkington can be traced in Domesday Book where it is mentioned as among the estates of the Count of Meulan, overseen by his sub-tenant Salo.Bulkington was the largest of these sub-divisions (at 4 hides and 1 virgate) and functioned as the centre of the manor; however, by the late 13th century the centre of the manor had moved to Weston-in-Arden.By 1285 the manor of Weston contained Bulkington, Bramcote, Barnacle, Ryton, Clifton, and Wibtoft.Bulkington has connections with the locally born author George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans), who knew the village well.She referred to it as Raveloe in her book Silas Marner (1861).8.4% stated No Religion, 0.8% Other and 6.0% did not disclose.

The village is served by four churches: the Anglican St James' Parish Church, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Ryton Methodist Church, and Bulkington Congregational Church.

The remaining historic buildings were threatened with demolition which led directly to the creation of the Bulkington Conservation Area in 1985, which covers Church Street and the area surrounding St James' Parish Church.

In November 2008 the Barbridge Close area, north of St James' Church, was excluded from the conservation area. James' is a Grade II listed building, along with two 19th-century chest tombs in the grounds.

This involved the creation of a shopping precinct in Leicester Street, which was the traditional heart of the village.

Additionally, many of the chequered-pattern brick buildings were replaced by typical 1960s suburban houses.

The Bulkington Baptismal register, 1841–1861, records that: 'On Thursday, 15 August 1861, six families comprising 27 members left for Quebec, Canada, in consequence of the continued depression of the Ribbon trade… At the same time 83 houses were vacant in the parish. Nonetheless, ribbon production continued in Bulkington into the middle of the 20th century, though through small factory production rather than as a cottage industry.

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