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Indian dating missouri - datinghall the online dating

He continued to call me every four months or so for the next seven years.We usually talked about the clubs he was playing at in Los Angeles.

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He was elegantly dressed in a grey Nehru jacket, a turban, and highly polished shoes.

Smith confirmed that Pandit was indeed John Roland Redd, one of seven children born to Baptist pastor Ernest Redd and Doshia O’Nina Johnson, in Columbia, Missouri.

His love of music took hold in childhood and he played a mean boogie-woogie piano.

He told me he had a new audience of tiki hipsters who canonized him by calling him the “godfather of exotica music.” And he told me about his cameo appearance in Tim Burton’s film about cult film director Ed Wood.

When he called, I’d pick up the phone and hear a woman’s secretarial voice asking me if this was Mr. Then she’d say “Korla Pandit would love to talk to you.” After an acknowledgment, the line was usually quiet for 15 to 20 seconds until he came on with his familiar greeting of “Namaste, John.” It was straight out of a ’50s noir film.

Only years later, as he was interviewing musicians for a book on L.

A.’s great African-American music clubs in the ’40s, did Smith begin to uncover Pandit’s true history.

In 1996, he invited me to attend a San Francisco concert held at Bimbos 365, an atmospheric club with ’50s-style booth seating.

This was the only time I got to see him perform before an audience and boy, was he great. The crowd was on their feet for the whole performance.

One of Redd’s childhood friends filled us in on what life was like for African-Americans living in Columbia in the ’30s.

There wasn’t much mingling between the races, as Jim Crow laws were in effect.

Not once in 900 performances did he speak on camera, preferring instead to communicate with viewers via that hypnotic gaze.

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