Japan coin dating calendar

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Japan coin dating calendar - updating the electrical in a house

The 2016 issue features a humpback whale, pineapple and native flowers and has a nominal value of 2 Dollars.

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The 2014 issue features a fierce looking Hawaiian Tiki god. The popular 2008 issue features a Hula dancer and a whale. Rakiura, also known as Stewart Island, is the third largest of New Zealand's islands. It has a population of less than 400 and is rather isolated from the rest of New Zealand.

They are some of the last bits of what was once Spain's vast colonial empire.

Ceuta was conquered by the Portuguese in 1415 which is why the city's arms incorporates the coat-of-arms of Portugal.

The 2018 issue a depicts a humpback whale and the Black Rock in Kaanapali.

Each November the magnificant humpback whales travel 3,500 miles (5,600 km.) from Alaskan waters to Hawaii to mate and give birth. The Black Rock in Kaanapali was known to the ancient Hawaiians as Pu’u Keka’a.

Over the years there have been a number of Rakiura Independence events, including a declaration of independence, the issuance of postage stamps and selling of passports, though they were done more as fund raisers for local needs rather a than a political movement. One side depicts a multi-colored tattooed Maori Warrior, sticking out his tongue and holding a taiaha (a sharp-pointed war club). The other side features a Maori hei-tiki (neck pendant) and a taiaha.

The unofficial coin is denominated as 10 Pera Pango (Maori for Black Pearl) and is dated 2017.

The obverses of the coins depicts Queen Elizabeth The odd-shaped silver-plated Proof coins are 46mm x 34mm and has a mintage of only 200 pieces each.

Penon de Alhucemas and Penon de Velez de la Gomera are Spanish possessions just off the coast of Morocco.

The 3.7 acre (1.5ha) rock is covered by a fort, a few houses and a church.

It houses a garrison of about 25 to 30 soldiers, plus marine services personnel with an inflatable rubber boat.

The 40mm silver plated Proof coin has a mintage of only 150 pieces.