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He's charged with the murder and represented by Ted until a convenient witness (Tia Carerre) provides him with an alibi.

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When a celebrity goes on trial, law and order seems the great leveler, as the courts might demand humility from everyone.Justine has to bring in big gun Ted Hoffman to coax Daryl into saying whatever he must to escape jail.Ted is the lawyer everyone wants and precious few can afford."I always wondered if The Practice stole the look of Murder One," Jason Gedrick says in his commentary for Chapter Eight."You can see a lot of people trying to capture the same look."But Ted Hoffman -- the illustrious defense attorney who serves as the series' not-quite moral center -- is no preachy, indulgent Bobby Donnell, thank god.Both Richard (Stanley Tucci) and studio bigwig Gary Blondo (John Pleshette), who has a lot riding on Neil's upcoming film ("Do you have any idea what will happen if this kid's convicted?

Deadbolt can get in line behind Ishtar, Hudson Hawk, and Howard the Duck"), press Ted to take the case.

Although the presiding judge (Dion Anderson) objects at every turn to Justine's arguments that racism played a role in Daryl's arrest, she still secures an acquittal.

But the judge announces his hope that Daryl has learned his lesson, that "Despite your allegations of mistreatment, the systems work." This lecture is too much for Daryl, who responds: If the system worked, I wouldn't have been hauled off the street for a crime I didn't commit.

This is exemplified in Episode Two, which splits its focus between the Costello case and a suit brought against Daryl Jackson (Steve Harris), whose fiancée Lila (Vanessa Williams) is Ted's receptionist.

When Justine (Mary Mc Cormack), another lawyer at the firm, learns that Daryl has been erroneously charged with running a white woman off the road and his lawyer wants him to plead down to a lesser offense, she steps in to represent him.

"I love that he hates representing me," Gedrick says in his commentary.

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