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Why you'll never look away: What's better than watching kittens snuggle with each other and get into mischief?But be careful; if you leave the Kitten Rescue cam on too long you might die of cuteness overload.

“A lot of parking lots, those types of situations, truck stops and on the interstates and secondary highways.” Jackson police have a unit dedicated just to investigating hit-and-runs. We have five officers in the traffic unit that are assigned to do followups on the hit-and-runs.” THP and JPD say they see more of these accidents happening around the holidays. “During the warmer time, summer time, of course you’re going to have more traffic, of course we have the lake here, so we have a lot of people come in for the lake area,” Lt.

“Hit-and-runs are handled just as much as any other traffic crash,” Capt. Lance Perry with the Henry County Sheriff’s Office said.

“So the number of vehicles on the roadway has a factor in it.” Law enforcement say people leave the scene for many reasons.

“You know sometimes, especially the parking lot crashes, it may be someone that doesn’t realize they’re backed into you,” Lt. “A lot of times we have people that don’t have a valid license. All you have to do is plug it into your car, and as you start driving it starts recording to keep you safe in case you are a part of a hit-and-run.

That’s typically going to be one of the issues,” Lt. But what should you do if you’re ever a part of a hit-and-run? Technology can also help out if someone does leave the scene. And it is not just people in their cars using them.

Why you'll never look away: These otters have more fun in 10 seconds than you'll have in your entire day.

What you need to know: These brown bears reside in Katmai National Park in Alaska and can be seen playing in the Brooks River.

Why you'll never look away: This red panda family offers a much more interesting alternative to your boring relatives.

Nothing they do will ever be as cute as these three.

The above-mentioned hair-change trick is one method; another is to pay careful attention to what you're saying and deliberately 'bust the take' so that you can mentally compose a better response.

Not to be confused with the confessional at your local Catholic church.

Why you'll never look away: Now you can watch the miracle of life in bird form! What you need to know: This cam is brought to you by Save the Manatee Club in Florida, which was founded by former U. What you need to know: The Warrior Canine Connection in Brookeville, MD trains their puppies to help wounded veterans through canine connection therapy.