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The Mandaloun cafe, nestled in Dbayeh's internal road is a restaurant I like.Breakfast is served on a daily basis, from 8am until 11am.

Ask for a mix of salt, lemon and olive oil, prepare a bite, wrap it in markouk bread, dip it in and enjoy.

People walking around the mall, music playing in the background… A large croissant opened in its center and stuffed with moist scrambled eggs, a slice of good quality ham, lettuce and the vinaigrette that adds a lemony touch.

I loved the plate, loved the flavors, loved the idea and loved the textures.

The ambiance is cozy and calm, the food is good and healthy, the ingredients are special and the plates are decorated nicely.

Lady Grey Sandwich: Fresh French bread, slightly toasted on the outside with a homemade chutney flavor that takes over as a start.

Breakfast at Gordon's Cafe: Try the Salmon and Eggs Chic, trendy, cosmopolitan and casual, the Gordon’s Cafe, located in Five Star Le Gray Hotel, is the perfect place for a delicious breakfast, a light lunch or an afternoon tea on the sidewalk, amidst the bustling Beirut Central District.

Two floors, high ceiling, a variety of sweets, ice creams and ready to go items, a restaurant area upstairs where you can enjoy a cup of coffee along with a yummy breakfast…Abdul Rahman Hallab & Sons offers a signature Lahme Bil Ajeen known all around the country. Square in shape, the dough is thick and the filling pure goat meat with pomegranate molaces and no garlic. I don't think that there is something tastier than this anywhere else.Four different stations hosting bread on one, coffee and tea on the second, desserts on the third and cereals on the fourth all organized around the main island…and more and with that a choice of scrambled eggs or omelet at no additional cost.A la Carte: Eggs, labneh, foul, fruit salad, pancakes, croissants (freshly baked) and a pot of yogurt.The food is good, the portions are very generous, the choices are interesting, the plates look good and the service is acceptable.The toasted bread absorbs the hot fat, turning them into crispy, firm chunks of bread. Crunchy bits of nuts and bread, cold laban with hints of orange and lemon and some smooth well-cooked chickpeas for an extreme unmatched pleasure. Monte Cassino Hotel: A Generous Breakfast with a View The Monte Cassino Hotel is nestled on a beautiful hill in Tabarja overlooking Jounieh bay. The continental special includes a hot beverage, fresh juice, basket of freshly baked bread, mini croissants, jams and honey, cornflakes and a fruit salad.