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I have written elsewhere that I am uneasy about the ‘Missional’ approach of the Acts 29 organization. However, my advice to any student thinking of studying at WEST, or any church considering sponsoring a member to study there, is not to back off on the grounds of the tittle-tattle to be found in the BLQ article, but to speak to the Principal and hear what he has to say about these matters and make a decision from that.

You are My King.” At Christmas it is in our carols: “Joy to the world, the Lord is come. In the first two weeks that she had the job, she quickly noticed some extremely unprofessional behavior among the team of four people that she worked with and their supervisor.Secondly, there is a good deal said in the article about Paul Yonggi Cho, Rick Warren and Mark Driscoll.Readers should note that none of these gentlemen have anything to do with WEST Seminary. I admit that there are one or two things at WEST that cause me some concern.Guilt over sin can turn your hair grey, overwork your heart, cloud your mind with depression and completely obliterate your immune system. Gazing at this man, He doesn’t see the sickness as being the worse thing to befall him. And anyone who knows the sea will say to you in effect, “By all means love the sea, but never lose your respect for it.” Whenever familiarity breeds contempt there is potential danger.The guilt of this man’s soul is far worse than the paralysis of the man’s limbs. The particular danger which faces us as Christmas approaches is unlikely to be contempt for the sacred season, but nevertheless our familiarity with it may easily produce in us a kind of indifference.In his first coming, Jesus Christ revealed his true identity and glory to his true followers, but to those who did not believe, his glory was largely hidden by his humanity. The crowds after witnessing a miracle would cry out: “He is a prophet… Your friends may have carried you there as you angrily protested along the journey. But one thing he is certainly not: the Jesus of the New Testament. There he stood, tray in hand, lookingwistfully,delighted to see me and obviously hoping I’d invute him to sit down. It’s like pulling up to a blazing fire on a cold and lonely night. However, suggest Advent to most folks today and you are libel to get a blank stare. It is known in theological circles as the Threefold Office of the Messiah (the This simply means the Jesus while he walked this earth as Messiah, performed the three functions of prophet, priest and king. They love it when He describes his role as being “to seek and save the lost.” They see Jesus primarily as Savior of men. we need to appreciate the fullness of who Jesus is… May our heart’s cry this Advent season be: “We would like to see, Jesus! It is only the people who are superficial and at heart unreal who let us down when we grow familiar with them.

Following his resurrection, Christ ascended to the right hand of God, where he rules all things. mighty in word and deed.” But the term “priest” is not there. But finally your mat is laid before this faith healer… Once Jesus comforts your agenda, he’s not Jesus anymore.” We need to have “ears to hear.” And to receive the brunt of his rebuke. I didn’t want him to join me, for he was a talker, about to rattle away for hours on hypothetical abstractions from his brilliant but rambling mind. Who has two seconds they can rub together to contemplate see Jesus? In the Old Testament, when they appointed someone into one of these three offices, it would be symbolized by pouring oil over their head (anointing them). Kingly People love it when Jesus talks about organizational aspects of the Kingdom… It is then that our previous admiration can turn to contempt.

One day he is coming again to the earth to establish his glorious kingdom over everything. Is He Lord of Last week we looked at Jesus the prophet… The Theological Ground Work for the concept is actually found within the NT book of Hebrews. a living legend in Capernaum, a town that had become like a second home to Jesus, a town in which Jesus had performed miracle after miracle. but instead of Jesus saying something like: “Be healed.” Or “Stand up and try out your new legs.” He says: “Your sins are forgiven.” Talk about the old bait and switch. Who would know if a man’s sin had actually been forgiven? He would hang in agony and pain between two thieves. The old hymn “Praise Him, Praise Him” has a line that says: “Jesus, Savior, reigneth forever and ever; Crown Him! Prophet and Priest and King” That line has always intrigued me. Now, the term Messiah, means “anointed one.” Jesus… the Anointed One, is the perfect fulfillment of all three positions. Mark Driscoll at Mars Hill Church in a sermon stated: “When we look at Jesus in the Gospels we often find ourselves having favorite sections: stories, sayings, etc. when He prizes faithfulness and talks about stewardship… But the old saying was not intended to apply only to human relationships.

At that time there will be no mistaking who is in charge.” Joy to the World… Hebrews reads: That is well and good, but this series I’m preaching is using the Gospels for texts… You’re there to be healed of an ailment not absolved of a sin. But Jesus is saying: “Get up and walk” is child’s play compared to “Your sins are forgiven.” Jesus was able to speak the words: You’re forgiven… Often this is because of who we are more like: Prophetic People love to see Jesus preaching and teaching. There are situations where human beings are at first filled with awe, and then as they grow more and more familiar with them they experience first indifference, and then contempt.

All the workers had their eyes riveted on their work. The cliquish team addressed the new supervisor with formal, businesslike respect. It turned out the bank had hired her to be the new supervisor from the first day she came on the job three weeks before, but the bank had concealed her true identity so she could observe the work style of the team. I replied that these were but a sampling of passages where Jesus seemed pretty intimidating. …tying metaphorical millstones around the necks of those who would abuse children, …destroying a heard of swine, …overturning tables in the Temple …and calling Peter: Satan! Once you scrub the passage clean you can’t smell the dead pigs, feel the crack of the whip on your back or the sting of the rebuke of Peter. Andrew Greeley writes: “Once you domesticate Jesus, he isn’t there anymore. “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing.” All the OT prophets offered the relief that God promised if they would repent. Here, I thought, I can spread out my calendar, make my “to do” lists, sip my coffee, and schedule the milliseconds between now and December 25. But I no sooner entered the café than I heard a familiar voice. It’s a time for giving ourselves specifically, our —to someone with greater needs than our own. Prophet “According to an old saying, familiarity breeds contempt. In particular, it is often not true of people with whom we are familiar.

In some ways, this situation resembles the coming of Christ to earth. The domestic Jesus may be an interesting fellow, a good friend, a loyal companion, a helpful business associate,… An old friend, Dan Cronk, having little to do that morning, had decided to enjoy a pot of tea and a basket ofbreads. “I didn’t expect to see you here.” “Didn’t have much goin’ on this morning, and I thought a pot of tea would cheer me up. And we do it in honor of the Baby who did the same for us, the one called “Immanuel”—which means “God with us.” (Matthew ) Time for friends and fellowship in Jesus’ name. It literally means “arrival.” It has been for centuries a time that Christians laid aside to contemplate the birth of Christ. Priestly People love to see Jesus feeding the hungry, healing the sick, loving the hurting. Indeed, with the best kind of friends, the more we know them the more we grow to love and respect them.

Firstly, I wonder if either she or the BLQ has contacted WEST or the Sa Rong Community Church before publishing this article, inviting them to comment.

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