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If you see someone you want to talk to, you must immediately go over and talk to them. Think about the last time a stranger started a conversation with you, were you weirded out or were you pleasantly surprised?And if we go back to the anecdote of being in a room full of strangers, how do you feel when someone comes up to you and starts talking to you? No one wants to be the person who’s standing alone.

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If anything, they’ll be grateful that you chose to talk to them, not weirded out. Well, obviously there are lots of different ways you can start a conversation, and depending on the social situation one way might be more appropriate than the other, but here are 2 lines you can use that have worked out great for me.

The days that I actually made an effort to meet someone new I usually ended up meeting at least 2 or 3 new people.

Going into this challenge I thought that it was going to be difficult because I thought there would be some days when I would have very few opportunities to meet someone new.

But the truth is, there are always opportunities to meet new people.

The days that I didn’t talk to someone new weren’t because I didn’t have the opportunity to, they were simply because I didn’t make the effort.

The idea was that this challenge, similar to the 30-day cold shower challenge would force me to get out of my comfort zone on a daily basis, and at the same time, allow me to make some new friends and connections while improving my social skills. Out of the 30 days, I only managed to talk to someone new for 18 days.

However, I don’t consider it a complete failure because in those 18 days I probably met more people than I had the entire semester.Even if only briefly, chances are you see people constantly throughout your day.Obviously, you don’t have to talk to every single person that you see, but the point is that if you were to see someone that you really wanted to meet, would you be able to walk up to them and start a conversation? Best case scenario, you meet a super cool, super cute girl that’s super into you. Aside from being able to talk to cute girls, being able to approach anyone and start a conversation, in any setting, might be one of the most valuable skills you can possibly have.Alright, so you’ve decided to implement the 3 second rule and approach someone you’ve been dying to meet. Test them out for yourself, make your own variations, and see what works best for you.Notice that each of these lines starts the conversation with something shared in common—an event, a mutual friend, or a shared interest (i.e. Connecting with people is all about finding something that each person can relate to.Have you ever seen a really hot girl and wanted to talk to her, but couldn’t figure out what to say?

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