Methods of dating the age of the earth

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Methods of dating the age of the earth - Free harrdcore chat

Most systems promoted by Evolutionists involve radioactivity.

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Such ‘confirmation’ may be shortlived, as nature is not to be discovered quite so easily.

First, measuring the isotope ratio of a single element can be done much more precisely than measuring isotope ratios of two differing elements.

Second, using two isotopes of the same element makes the sample immune to chemical fractionation during a post-crystallization disturbance (Dalrymple 208). This model ultimately led to the development of isochrons, in which two isotopes are plotted against each other to calculate an age for the mineral or rock.

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Lead isotopes are commonly used in dating rocks and provide some of the best evidence for the Earth's age.

Steven Austin rightly wonders, "Has anyone successfully dated a Grand Canyon rock? The validity of the calculated date can be no stronger than the weakest link (weakest assumption) used in the calculation.

What are some of the assumptions made by most Evolutionists in using these systems?The problem seems to arise from basic wrong assumptions in the method (rubidium-strontium isochron).If such a sophisticated method is so flawed, geologist Dr.Two of the most widely-known systems are the potassium-argon method and the uranium-lead method.A radioactive form of potassium is found in minute quantities in some rocks.Lead isotopes are important because two different lead isotopes (U).