Most intimidating athletes

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Piling on more fear only makes the burden of failure that much heavier.What if coaches worked to eliminate fear instead of adding to it?

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If you do not win early and often, you are out and your replacement is in. Coaching is a dangerous profession to enter into for an individual who struggles with insecurity. People who are insecure are constantly looking for validation from others.

Appropriate fear If the ultimate goal is optimal level of play, we need to admit that sometimes fear is a helpful motivator.

An athlete’s fear of failure does not need to be reinforced with more fear tactics.

Sometimes the most effective parenting strategy is to threaten to take away something your child loves if they do not fix an unhealthy behavior.

If this becomes a habitual strategy, however, I am no longer a parent. There is a time and a place where fear is an appropriate means of motivating, but what my experience has taught me is that most of the time fear gets wielded as a weapon, not as an instrument of change.

Instead, helpful coaching and encouragement to get them over this fear so they can play at an optimal level would be much more effective to bring about the results coaches want.

If a coach knows their athlete well and believes they will respond positively in the moment to being motivated by fear, I believe that is fine.

Just last week a friend of mine was about to enter a game only to have the coach say “This is your opportunity to turn your season around, don’t screw it up!

” Not surprisingly, he played cautious as the words “don’t screw it up” echoed in his head.

Likewise, coaches should not get a free pass for uncontrolled outbursts under the guise of motivation.

I have been involved in sports at some level for the past 25 years. At my core, however, I’m just trying to feel better by unleashing my anger on the easiest target.

The Death of Passion A former student athlete’s open letter to her coach in August of 2016 highlights the problem many athletes face today.