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Some might even pay a wage for work done over a certain number of hours.

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For those passionate about such a career path, that is reason enough to put off full-time travel.

There are some temporary job positions that are popular with RVers in particular that allow folks to pick up seasonal employment.

Some positions will pay a wage, and some just offer a free campsite.

Or, design a “location independent” career that involves work that can be done primarily remotely, letting you work from wherever you are. A nomadic life based on following the work is nothing new at all – it’s been part of human culture since the earliest adventurers got the itch to explore the world around them.

There are many career paths that can require, or be adapted to, travel as a core component of them.

Other nomadic career paths allow for travel totally in your control, but you need to have faith that you can show up to a location and market yourself to find gigs or sell your wares.

There are some jobs (particularly in remote areas – such as oil fields, fishing or mining) that offer a rotating schedule of intense periods of work (weeks to months at a time) then lots of time off.A chance for ever broadening horizons, not constrained by a “back to work” deadline.That sort of long term travel is generally thought of as reserved for: Essentially, extended travel is often to the exclusion of work or career.And then there are also opportunities to caretake someone’s property while they are out of town, which could range from tending the gardens, pet sitting or just providing a bit of security.It’s very important when considering a workamping position if the compensation is worth the hours you put in.Many people have dreams of long term travel, something that is more than the typical 1-2 week vacation a couple times a year (or every couple of years! They crave a slower pace to more fully immerse themselves in different cultures and experiences.