Nriel dating

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Nriel dating

As the fire eaters also his hot breath on you letting go, the fire ointment from the first second of your best friend in this fight.Walk now with your melee up front and all the way to the attacks as often as possible, with special skills.

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

After he disappeared, have you now for the next battle prepared as follows.

Go to inventory and collect all the fire albums that you have in the backpack of a person.

Save again and now runs the last stretch up to the dragon from.

A small intermediate sequence later you'll have horrified to note that of the dwarfs only Arom remains.

The Ranged or shoot or shoot from far away on the dragon, with the best special skills.

If a magician, both the living as well as the magic energy out, then heal him when necessary with a Ranged.Without this meticulous Gegenstandsnutzerei the fight is nearly impossible to create, but if you diligently protects against fire, the stamina for the use of special skills and prefer to keep up one, two healing potions for the conservation of energy use, then it should be sufficient.For orientation, we have for our walkthrough fire eleven albums, two major healing potions, two potions, and four LOZENGES stamina up.Preparations and the fight against the dragon Timeframe: 20 minutes Difficulty: hard According to the Harpy eagle battle from afar you see magicians Archon Megalon, which you have already met twice since. Go to him now that are beautiful friendly and annoyed him, no matter how morally reprehensible views he has.Check out his goods, it sells everything unnecessary in your luggage and pick out the fire as well as healing potions ointment.Once the battle starts, use it with any of your characters a fire ointment.

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