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Walker is 61 and exploring a variety of old and new intimacies.

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Now that we all live longer on average, more and more of us can expect to enjoy an active and rewarding period of 20 or 30 years after retirement, a time when our children have become independent adults and money may have become less of a concern.But when one gets into a habit of being happy with themselves, then the rest of these points will follow...You will feel grateful for your spouse, you will be able to see the good in them always and have fun together...Also, remember to increase the gratitude you actually feel toward your partner, because this also makes a big difference.Reflect on why you appreciate having your partner in your life or what you would miss most if he or she were not in your life.You don’t have to tell yourself that yet if you don’t believe it.

Start by identifying at least one thing you like about yourself or one thing you’re good at doing.

And having said that, I also know that this is not easy....

Rightly put, it is the foundation on which your other relationships are built - so definitely worth putting in the effort. Building any relationship takes time and continuous effort, to make it long lasting and stronger.

How you think about and interpret your partner’s actions, intentions, and words also affects how you feel and understand a situation with them, which in turn affects how you behave toward them.

Put it into practice: Spend a week looking for anything and everything your partner does “right.” You can even jot down anything you notice for each day if you choose.

Moreover, people with high self-esteem appear to respond more constructively and positively during conflict when they think their partner is committed to the relationship, whereas people with low self-esteem don’t do this even when they believe their partner is committed.