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Some parents might consider the nature-nurture finding discouraging, but Pelchat sees it as good news.

She loves all vegetables -- we can give her anything and she’ll eat it.” Why are some kids willing to try new foods and some reluctant, even when they’re raised in the same environment?We'll answer your burning (and simmering) questions: Where should I eat? Call it "a little child shall lead you." First there was the 12-year-old "restaurant critic," David Fishman in New York City, whose "review" of a neighborhood salumeria somehow snared him huge coverage in his hometown paper and then a long appearance on the CBS morning show, replete with warnings that his power had local chefs quaking in their clogs.” held at Greensgrow Community Kitchen in Kensington.She was there with Megan Haupt of Hungry Education to talk about two of her favorite topics: food cravings and food neophobia, otherwise known as picky eating.“One of the most important things, more than genetics, is what you’re familiar with. She strongly advises against forcing children to eat, because that can backfire and make them even pickier.

Instead, with younger children Pelchat takes the unfinished food and eats it herself, saying, “Good, more for me.” Parental attitude toward food makes a big difference.

Haupt, a food educator who partnered with Pelchat on the event, founded Hungry Education in 2015.

She works with younger children on play-based learning activities that focus on food relationships rather than nutrition -- an approach she’s found successful with picky preschoolers.

Next a 5-year-old, Julian Kreusser, was touted for his cooking show on public access television in Portland, Ore., with the If all this kinder-worship was intended to get children more interested in restaurants and cooking, it would have Mc Donald's CEO quaking.

But it appears these features are meant to appeal to adults, since not many little kids peruse the Sunday magazine for recipes or control the remote.

“We’re helping them to build a food vocabulary through things like sensory exploration and exploratory and object play,” Haupt said.

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