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At the moment bookings can only be changed on our desktop page and not on our mobile website or in the Austrian Airlines app. You have the option to change any flight to a different date and/or time. Rebook online In general, the rebooking conditions for the upgrade to Business Class depend on the conditions of the base Economy fare.For example, a "Light" fare for which an upgrade is purchased into Business Class, will remain non-rebookable and nonrefundable.

The magazine claims to have been shown documents which prove the claim.Some councilors wanted to set up a charitable foundation for prostitutes who renounced their sinful life.However very soon councilors were actually establishing brothels and even supported a nunnery from the taxes.The Supreme Court of Austria (Oberster Gerichtshof) held in 1989 that Prostitution was a sittenwidriger Vertrag (Unconscionable contract); therefore, a prostitute had no legal recourse against a customer who refuses to pay (OGH June 28, 1989, 3 Ob 516/89).This sentence was revised in 2012 (OGH April 18, 2012, 3 Ob 45/12g), explaining that prostitution can no longer generally be considered as unconscionable because moral attitudes have changed and prostitution is regulated by local laws.Of the registered prostitutes, 5,312 were unmarried, 902 widows, and 210 married. under Zehnter Abschnitt Strafbare Handlungen gegen die sexuelle Integrität und Selbstbestimmung (§§ 201-220b) (Part Ten: Offences against sexual integrity and self-determination (§ § 201-220b)).

Although sex work itself is not forbidden, Section 207b Sexueller Missbrauch von Jugendlichen (Sexual abuse of juveniles) allows for prosecution of clients of workers younger than 18.Prostitutes who complied with the requirements of registration and examinations were no longer prosecuted by the police.A newspaper article of October 27, 1874 reported that 6,424 prostitutes had received health certificates and were under observation by police and health authorities.The last time prostitution was completely forbidden in Austria was under Maria Theresa of Austria (1740-1780) who shipped prostitutes along with other "antisocial" people down the Danube to Timișoara in the Banat region of Romania. Nusser of the Vienna police suggested that prostitutes be required to register with the police, receive medical examinations twice a week, and obtain special health certificates.In 1873, Anton Ritter von Le Monnier, head of the Vienna police, reformed Vienna's prostitution law, and health certificates have been obligatory since that time.Over the Middle Ages there existed an uneasy association between those selling sex (usually women) on the one side, and church and state on the other.

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