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Roy Moore: Project Veritas (James O'Keefe) failed attempt to dupe Washington Post with fake Roy Moore accusation, Church sign "They falsely accused Jesus! Listener mail: Fine tuning argument, Sexual harassment: Al Franken, Louis CK, Mozart, Abusive & "Ablist" terminology: Changes to ACA rules of conduct in online fan forums, Patton Oswalt, You Tube comments Ravi Zacharias (christian apologist radio host): Sexting allegations Republican tax bill: religious clauses -"unborn child can be claimed on taxes"(? "; Charlie Hebdo - 1 year Later; Mail: Church of Finland - You can resign online! "; Armed "militia" members seize frozen outhouse in the middle of nowhere; Jeff - Shit Theists Email to Our Show! "; Mail: "Why don't anti-choicers stand up for abortion doctor killers?) clause, churches in politics Listener mail: Surviving child abuse(? "rnrn Copyright 2016, Atheist Community of Austin Live from the front lines of the WAR ON CHRISTMAS!

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of Christians) * Nehruvian secularism (the idea of India above all religions) * "Things beginning to exist. " * Cow vigilantes in India, Hindus murdering Muslims for eating cow meat * War on Christmas? * Okay for Atheists to participate in religious pageants/plays? Listener mail: Does hating faith healers make me a bad person? can favor religion; Mail: "Would you restrict your child's exposure to religion?

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