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Russian sex info

The blocking is intriguing, but her real impact is maintaining the believability of family interchanges, subtle warnings and memorable explosions." , chalk full of more details about the show!

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Renaissance addresses the close-to-home topic of modern slavery with all the sensitivity and directness we have come to expect from this fine company." "The young pay the heaviest price; they almost always do.

Dark family secrets emerge when their dangerously charming Uncle Boris arrives from Russia.

Just after bear hugs and shots of vodka are exchanged, Boris begins exerting a sinister influence on the whole family.

How far are they willing to go to achieve the American Dream?

A family drama that slyly turns into a moral thriller.

Director Laura Gordon and Benedict Center's Executive Director, Jeanne Geraci, talk about how this play about a struggling immigrant family is a platform for a greater conversation about human trafficking in our community.

Check it out, - Director, Laura Gordon, talking about her "in" to telling the story of RUSSIAN TRANSPORT, in an interview with Footlights.Mark relates to this play as a first generation, Russian-American, who's parents emigrated to America in search of a better life, much like the family in RUSSIAN TRANSPORT. Patrons are encouraged to bring care items for donation to our lobby.Exploit No More always accepts personal care items for girls who will be living in the ENM home as well as survivors around the city of Milwaukee.She steadily ramps up the tension of the piece while ensuring that each character has moments of humor, vulnerability, raw anger and heart-wrenching honesty.""But [Laura Gordon] is also a creator and she has staged this play as a fully rounded and familiar family dynamic...It’s the way real people move and talk and is executed with immense skill by her wonderful cast." "Director Laura Gordon drives audience members to the undertones and the actors to fine interpretations.Single tickets available online, in person at the Box Office, or by calling 414-291-7800.

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