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--- And why the hell is he wearing a fluffy dress ??

Switched on my mp3-player and wrote a drabble, inspired by the song that was playing. We’ll get confirmation of spring dramas in the next few weeks, so this will be the last update of this list. Date: 9 pm, Monday Station: Fuji TV Cast: Aiba Masaki Aiba’s next major project after hosting Kohaku, this drama is rumored to be a mystery drama based from a novel.Aiba’s previous getsu9 2015 drama “Yokoso, Wagaya e” is also in a similar genre.Date: 9 pm, Tuesday Station: TBS Cast: Haru, Higashide Masahiro, Nobuyuki Suzuki (Gekidan EXILE) Earlier in January, it was announced that Ikeumi Ryo’s manga will be getting a live action adaptation.It follows a woman who is married to the second man she fell in love with.In 150 years, there are no birds, there is no winter, and cities block out the sun as mankind builds higher and higher up with no place left to go.

The landscape's different but people are still the same - and it's Maruyama's job to provide them with glimpses into their fates.If only he could figure out what those slips of paper mean.Written a few months ago, when I tried to get back into writing Ryo-chan. 錦戶走進臥室,安靜地脫去西裝外套放在一邊的衣櫃上,然後依次脫下手錶、袖釘與領帶夾,將貴重物品整齊地在床頭櫃上排成一排。接下來他解開領帶,卷成一團后豎著放在地上,露出被扣緊的襯衫第一顆紐扣和異樣鼓起的領口。皮帶是丸山上週送給他的新款,今天是第一天系,圓形扣略微有些難解,皮質也偏硬。他花了一段時間才把它與領帶一樣捲成規整的五圈橢圓,彎腰放在領帶旁邊。他剛想起身繼續脫西褲時,一直坐在床邊一言不發的男人忽然開口:“跪下。” New Tokyo. The Corporation rules, the Outside is cruel and Yokoyama You hasn’t seen a soul in four hundred and forty-five days - until the hand of fate knocks on his door, and the time comes to fight back.We are back with an updated list of our previous Upcoming Jdramas 2017 post.Again, several of these dramas are still in the ‘rumored’ stage sourced from tabloids.– TBA Date: 10 pm, Saturday Station: NTV Cast: Kamenashi Kazuya, Takei Emi, Oizumi Yo NTV’s Saturday 9pm drama moves to 10pm and this is rumored to be the first drama in the said timeslot.

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