Saveorupdate is not updating

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ORM tools provide this functionality through mapping between the logical business model and the physical storage model. The ORM tool itself will translate the query language into the appropriate syntax for the database. For example if you load a PO and you want to access it’s Customer, you can simply access PO. Entities are cached in memory thereby reducing load on the database. So for these types of applications JDBC is the best choice. One you update your object definitions, the ORM will automatically use the updated structure for retrievals and updates. ORM tools provide an object oriented query language. The entire transaction can either be committed or rolled back. Identifiers and surrogate keys are automatically propogated and managed. ORM makes life easier but developers will eventually skip learning SQL and database internals.

In this tutorials, this one-to-many example will be used to demonstrate the cascade effect. When you save or update the Stock, it will remove those ‘stock Daily Records’ which already mark as removed.

However this feature come with a price, if you do not use it wisely (update or delete), it will generate many unnecessary cascade effects (cascade update) to slow down your performance, or delete (cascade delete) some data you didn’t expected.

Facilitates implementing the Domain Model pattern . In short using this pattern means that you model entities based on real business concepts rather than based on your database structure. ORM tools provide a host of services thereby allowing developers to focus on the business logic of the application rather than repetitive CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) logic. There are no SQL Update, Delete and Insert statements strewn throughout different layers of the application that need modification. This allows application developers to focus on the object model and not to have to be concerned with the database structure or SQL semantics. You can navigate object relationships transparently. Related objects are automatically loaded as needed. Multiple transactions can be active in memory in the same time, and each transactions changes are isolated form on another. 2) Use of Hibernate is an overhead for the applications which are : • simple and use one database that never change • need to put data to database tables, no further SQL queries • there are no objects which are mapped to two different tables Hibernate increases extra layers and complexity.

In this example, if a ‘Stock’ is saved, all its referenced ‘stock Daily Records’ should be saved into database as well. Stock Daily Record sdr1 = (Stock Daily Record)session.get(Stock Daily Record.class, new Integer(56)); Stock Daily Record sdr2 = (Stock Daily Record)session.get(Stock Daily Record.class, new Integer(57)); Stock stock = (Stock)session.get(Stock.class, new Integer(2)); Stock Daily Records().remove(sdr1); Stock Daily Records().remove(sdr2); Or Update(stock); Further study – Cascade – JPA & Hibernate annotation common mistake.

Stock stock = new Stock(); Stock Daily Record stock Daily Records = new Stock Daily Record(); //set the stock and stock Daily Records data stock Daily Stock(stock); Stock Daily Records().add(stock Daily Records);; Daily Records); Hibernate: insert into mkyong.stock (STOCK_CODE, STOCK_NAME) values (? ) Hibernate: insert into mkyong.stock_daily_record (STOCK_ID, PRICE_OPEN, PRICE_CLOSE, PRICE_CHANGE, VOLUME, DATE) values (? Both are totally different notions, see the differential here.

Customer and the ORM will take care of loading the data for you without any effort on your part. Data loads are completely configurable allowing you to load the data appropriate for each scenario. Support for multiple users updating the same data simultaneously. 3) Support for Hibernate on Internet is not sufficient.

For example in one scenario you might want to load a list of POs without any of it’s child / related objects, while in other scenarious you can specify to load a PO, with all it’s child Line Items, etc. 4) Anybody wanting to maintain application using Hibernate will need to know Hibernate.

For example It does not allow to insert multiple objects (persistent data) to same table using single query. Hibernate uses ehcache and provides caching support.

Developer has to write separate query to insert each object. Or Update(entity Object) takes care of insertion in case of Hibernate. Takes care of dependencies between tables and does join queries. This reduces the load from the database and increases the response time.

Here’s the project’s final structure: The following XML section in package net.codejava.spring.dao; import Contact; /** * Defines DAO operations for the contact model.

* @author */ public interface Contact DAO package net.codejava.spring.dao; import

To overcome these difficulties, ORM provides a mechanism to directly use objects and interact with the database.

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