Seinfeld dating quotes

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Steinbrenner becomes intrigued when he smells George's lunch during a meeting.

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But he’s really taken an interest in marriage and family life over the last decade as he’s “matured”, and has his own Seinfeldian viewpoint on these issues near and dear to our hearts: 1. “A two-year-old is kind of like having a blender, but you don’t have a top for it.” 3. “There is no such thing as fun for the whole family.” 6.

Steinbrenner then has George bring him a calzone for lunch every day.

One day at the Paisano restaurant, George puts some money into the tip jar but realizes his gesture was unnoticed by the employee.

He has found a dating loophole." Jerry takes advantage of his beautiful girlfriend Nicki's (Dylan Tays) ability to get anything she wants, including convincing a cop to not give Jerry a speeding ticket.

Todd Gack offers to sell Jerry some Cuban cigars, which Jerry thinks "might be a nice idea for George's wedding," but they turn out to be from Peru.

But the show's real brilliance was in how it treated the relationships of four uptight, self-centered New Yorkers trying to find one person who is just good enough for them.

Here are the top twenty "I'm not the one going to hell." Despite nearly scaring a priest to death as a New Jersey Devils fan, David Puddy is, indeed, a Christian, much to Elaine's chagrin. Rather than leaving well enough alone, Jerry had to know if his lady's were real. (A little background from this video): Abstinence makes George smarter.His altruism is not pure - he gets utility not from giving, but from getting credit for giving.For the 20th anniversary of Seinfeld, the 20 best relationship moments. All the way back in 1990, a young comedian in a blazer, blue jeans and sneakers teamed up with a crotchety old cuss and produced nine seasons of pop culture gold.Jerry and Elaine lose Nicki and Todd to one another, when Nicki sees Todd about the cigars but he winds up wheedling another "non-date date" dinner with her.Jerry and Elaine are smoking the Peruvian cigars, which "smell like a rubber fire" and feels like they are "smoking a chicken bone"; when Elaine asks Jerry if he wound up paying for them, Jerry says, "It's being taken care of right now." The scene cuts to Kramer knocking on Todd's apartment door.Speaking of catchphrases, George attempts to leave a lasting memory by saying "Costanza" in the same tone as the "By Mennen" jingle.

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