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According to the Complete Peerage, Gillbride Earl of Angus married as his second wife "the heiress of the earls of Caithness", in another passage stating that she was "sister of Harald Ungi Earl of Caithness".No primary source is cited in support of these statements and it is possible that this marriage, and the supposed parentage of the bride, are entirely speculative, in an attempt to explain the transmission of the half of the earldom of Caithness to Earl Magnus (see below).

We need to learn from them about how best to educate them and how best to support those of them that need our service.” The event at the Scottish Parliament was hosted by MSPs Malcolm Chisholm and Christina Mc Kelvie. She said: “The event went incredibly well – with a really positive response from attendees both in person and on social media.” Charlie (17) from Conon Bridge said: “Sexual assault has always been something that has angered me but I have always felt powerless to do anything about it and that is why I love having the opportunity to finally take a stand.” Chloe (16) from Dingwall said: “I’m a part of Stand Up!

Published: Mon Eden Court's latest in-house production - opening on Thursday - uses the famous impersonation case of Martin Guerre to tell a story of identity and humanity, the playwright explains.

Published: Thu THERE'S something very British about this retelling of the true-life 70s romance between young Liverpool actor Peter Turner and the Oscar-winning queen of Hollywood film noir Gloria Grahame.

Prevention workers deliver sessions from a resource pack to young people aged 11 to 25 in schools and youth groups.

Topics, adapted to different age groups, include issues around consent; investigating what sexual violence is and looking at sexualisation and pornography as well as the impact of social media.

Its ruler was one of the six Mormaers who were described as "comes" in the [1114/15] charter of Scone. The 10th century Pictish Chronicle Cronica de Origine Antiquorum Pictorum records the death of "Dubucan filius Indrechtaig mormair Oengusa, Adalstan filius Advar rig Saxan, et Eochaid filius Alpini" .

Gillbride was the first individual to be styled (in 1135) Earl of Angus and members of his family succeeded him in the title until the mid-13th century. The Pictish Chronicle names Conchar Mormaer of Angus as father of Fynebole Lady of Fettercairn, who murdered Kenneth II King of Scotland in 995 in revenge for the slaughter of her only son oat Dunsinane. The Chronicle of the Scots and Picts dated 1177 records that "Kynnath mac Malcolm" reigned for 24 years and 2 months, was killed "a suis hominibus in Fetherkern" through the treachery of "Finuele filie filie Cunthar comitis de Anguss" whose only son had been killed by the king.

Amongst those taking part at the Holyrood event were (L to R): Hannah Hunter (16) from Ardnamurchan, Chloe Gordon (16), from Dingwall, Melody Mc Indoe (Prevention and Campaigns Worker at RASASH), Charlie Mack (16) from Conon Bridge and Mary Ellen Mc Intyre YOUNG people from Ross-shire have joined their peers across the Highlands in taking a stand against sexual violence at a time when it has become 'normalised' in the 'increasingly pornified culture' surrounding them.

The teenagers were amongst those across the Highlands volunteering as part of Rape and Sexual Abuse Service Highland’s “Stand Up! They have been working to tackle issues in their local communities with campaigns and prevention work and last week presented their ideas at Holyrood.

The first group of seven earldoms, Angus, Atholl, Caithness, Fife, Mar, Moray and Strathearn, corresponds to the seven provinces into which Scotland north of the Firths of Forth and Clyde was divided in the 9th century, reputedly ruled by seven brothers.

The ruler of each province bore the title "Ri", inferior only to the "Ardri" or Supreme King.

Concerning the supposed parentage of Earl Magnuss mother, it appears unlikely that Magnuss right to Caithness was derived from the junior branch of the comital family of Orkney/Caithness, to which Erik Slagbrellir belonged, as it ceased to hold any interest in the county after 1198, while Magnuss grant appears to be dated to the 1230s (as discussed more fully below).

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