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Dallas Brown can still see the bullets coming for him 50 years later, smacking into the dirt at his feet as north Vietnamese soldiers fired on his platoon during an ambush deep in the jungle.Minutes later, as the deadly firefight wound down, Brown and his fellow soldiers in the 101st Airborne would be immortalized.

Two separate crimes against children in recent days have one haunting similarity: authorities have pointed to Voodoo rituals as a possible motive.She could also face another five years in jail on an interference charge.The 52-year-old was arrested in January after Kamiyah Mobley, who Williams renamed as Alexis Manigo, discovered the woman who raised her was not her mother, but her kidnapper.Other images capture young children selling milk and fruit in the city's famous French market (top left).The Big Easy is celebrating its tricentennial year and - as these images show - the city has an extraordinarily vibrant history.She was charged with interfering with flight crew members and attendants after the plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Washington DC.

Ducore, who is believed to work in merchandising for Cartier, is due to face court in Virginia this week.Researchers found that Microsoft and IBM's facial recognition systems often inaccurately identified users who were female or dark-skinned.The systems were able to identify white males with 99% accuracy.'I'm really concerned that that's how it's going to be from now on.They will do things and blame it on Vodou.' Helicopter tour organization Papillon Group is facing mounting questions as to whether the flight over the Canyon from Las Vegas - which left three British tourists dead - should have been aborted before it ever took off.A newly divorced Texas woman set her wedding dress on fire during a 'divorce' garage sale in which she sold all her ex-husband's property.

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    When Morgan Welper was searching for her soul mate, she knew exactly what she wanted. I had grown up on a farm myself and I wanted that lifestyle for myself and for my kids." And she discovered she wasn't finding that guy in the usual places.

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    It has a bit of a reputation of being a tad seedy though….

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    Not that it's hard to look fashionable when you're perpetual country queen Carrie Underwood or Olympic skiing champion Lindsey Vonn. As we write this article, Lindsey Vonn is on the verge of winning the Gold Medal in Women's Downhill. Congratulations are very much in order for Vonn, but she'd have been a winner in the eyes of men across the nation regardless of how she fared this week on the slopes.