Sim dating game for girls

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Sim dating game for girls

One fact that Sim neglected to reveal was that he was a balding 26-year-old college lecturer when he met his future wife Naomi Plaskitt - who was just 12 years of age, and looked even younger.'They became friends,' says Sim's new biographer Mark Simpson.

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When he was asked if she was his daughter, Sim replied bluntly 'No', but didn't elaborate.The stark reality is that the 5ft 11in Sim, who died in 1976 at the age of 75, had a good deal to hide.What his friends may have seen as 'no more than innocent kindness' towards the impressionable boys and girls with whom he surrounded himself could well have been misinterpreted - and destroyed him.As a result, Naomi became his chauffeur as well as his secretary, ferrying him back and forth to studios every day.Though she'd studied as an actress when they'd first come to London, she abandoned her own career to support him.'Even by today's standards it must have seemed a curious suggestion,' Sim's biographer writes.

'But Norah readily agreed.' After a year of studying with him, Sim offered the infatuated teenager a job as his secretary and they began spending more and more time together.

But that facade may have concealed a darker truth for, as a new biography of the actor reveals, throughout his life, Sim carefully cultivated 'friendships' with teenage boys and girls as young as 12.

And the Edinburgh-born Sim did everything in his power to keep those proclivities private - refusing countless interviewrequests throughout his career, and declining to appear on radio or TV chat shows.'All the public need to know about me is what they see,' he insisted.

His new biographer asks, for example, what lay behind his performance in drag as Millicent Fritton, headmistress of St Trinian's school for girls.'Was he "a little bit the other way?

" as was suggested by some,' Simpson wonders, 'Or simply following in the long-established British tradition of theatrical cross-dressing?

Sim's fascination with the young did not end there.

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