Spark plug dating guide

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Spark plug dating guide - who is max dating 2016

In , above the Words E-TEC II on the engine cover, there is a coolant line that is held in place by two plastic hooks. In order to remove the engine cover, you must simply release the coolant hose from those hooks.

simply unscrew and place it so no debris gets on the cap (if paranoid, put it in a plastic/ziploc bag) with that done you are able to take the cover off the eninge. See Since you do not want anything to fall in your engine, remember to put the oil cap back on the engine to cover up the whole.Since the Plug is down in a tube/valley, that gromet grabs hold of the end of the spark plug in order for you to pull it out safely and neatly.(You can use this socket to install you new plugs as well but thats further down the road.) You can view for an example of how the spark plug fits in the socket.Which is a socket for a standard sized ratchet with a rubber gromet down the socket.These come in a couple of sizes, but the Aveo as well as many other cars use a 5/8 spark plug.shows what the valley/tube where the spark plug goes into.

As you can see, you cannot stick your finger down there which is why you need the spark plug socket with an extension.There are tons of threads in the forums of this website with opinions on what to use.I personally feel like most of us bought this economy car for... With that said, I am not trying to bash others for what they used.Proceed to remove the boot off of the spark plug buy doing the same thing; Pull up on the rubber boot.This may take some force but you need no tools other than your hands.Before removing anything, I suggest drawing a diagram of how the wires are connected to the Plugs and Coil Pack. I retraced what I wrote using a Paint Programm on my laptop to clearly show which wire goes to which port on the coil pack and spark plug.

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