Speed dating in the classroom

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Speed dating in the classroom - are michael cera and charlyne yi really dating

Taking a World Language flipped class to the next level with great comprehensible input, more time in the target language with the opportunity for more student choice. For example, if you have 18 guys and 12 girls, you will need 3 guys to be on the girl side.

Here is the super basic form that I used with Spanish I to plan their answers and questions.

The pair of students will have one minute (30 seconds each) to discuss their interests, hobbies, and notable accomplishments WITHOUT SAYING THEIR HISTORICAL FIGURE'S NAME.

For example, the student assigned to Frederick Douglass might say, "I was born into slavery, but escaped to the North.

So, I wasn't sure how this one would go over with my 6th grade history students.

But, when I tried it last year, it went pretty well.

Here is an example of the pictures I show the students.

I use this activity to not only practice new vocabulary, but to review older vocabulary.Each student creates a sentence, and the others need to build on it.I get some truly crazy stories, but they all stay in the target language! I couldn't find a Spanish version, so I had to adapt an English version.The steps repeat until everyone has found their match.This activity requires students to know about the accomplishments of notable people in history, take the perspective of a historical figure, and make connections.Try Fast Friends, Common Bond, or Match Made In Heaven.

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