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Image : Custer with Wolfhounds Celebrity Rudolph Valentino and Centaur Pendragon Somewhat grandly named Centaur Pendragon was the adored companion of Rudolph Valentino, and he appeared in many photos, and even on stage. Centaur used to guard Valentino’s dozens of suitcases when he travelled.

Original art, if not already sold, is also available for 0.

He would certainly have needed cheap dog insurance to cover the vet bills.

John F was slightly allergic to fur, but was not remotely deterred from dog ownership.

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If you're interested in reprinting my cartoons in your publication, on your website, on your products, or in a Power Point, drop me an email via the Contact link. Happy to grant permission to translate these into other languages, too, as you can see...

VERDICT This story will have students laughing out loud and reluctant readers asking for the sequel."All three books are 120-130 pages and written for kids ages 7-11. Picture books I've illustrated, both written by the brilliant Jim Tobin, both edited by the amazing Christy Ottaviano, both published by the wise people at Macmillan. And I'm lucky enough to be the primary illustrator for Bark & Co, the cool people who bring you Bark Box.

If you'd like to purchase these, please try your local bookstore first. Take a peek at their Manhattan office (and my murals) HERE. Besides family and friends, my three favorite things in the world might be cartoons, coffee, and beer - and not necessarily in that order, depending on the time of day.If you don't have a local bookstore, well, that's a sad thing, so here are some links where these may be purchased online:, written by the renowned children's book author, Ken Baker. But not too tuned, since it'll be late 2017 before I can post illustrations. Creating the Java Stout label for Bell's Beer in Kalamazoo was the perfect storm of those three things.Hell Hath No Fury was also a blast, and there are more beers in that series coming soon...Unfortunately he managed to shoot his favourite dog, Lee, on one hunting expedition, when he was riding at full tilt after a buffalo and attempting to shoot it at the same time.Custis Lee, his horse, held steady but the General describes the terrible following moments: “I drew my pistol, intending to use both hands in controlling the horse, when, just as my hand was raised to the reins, my finger accidentally and in the excitement of the moment, pressed the trigger and discharged the weapon, the ball entering Lee’s neck near the top of his head and penetrating his brain. The shot produced instant death.” You can read more about Custer’s extraordinary adventures with his dogs here.Sighthounds of various breeds have long been favourites of Royalty, not least because of their superb hunting skills.