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He invested thousands of hours of sweat equity and craftsmanship in the house, not to mention about $150,000 in repairs and upgrades. Shortly after moving out, Roger thought he had found a solution: The house was scheduled to be moved to Ramsey Farm, a historical farmstead and event center east of Mount Ayr.

It’s also home to the building that housed the first Hy-Vee store.

The Baker family, Roger said, hammered the house together in the early 1900s. Baker, who grew up on the farm, was an agronomy student at Iowa State University in the 1920s when he met Henry A.

Wallace, the editor of Wallace’s Farmer and eventual secretary of agriculture and vice president under FDR.

The tab for the farmhouse's 20-mile move that never materialized cost at least ,000, Roger said.

So trying to haul the thing to Des Moines could be as pricey as building a new copy.

And I wouldn't expect Santa and his reindeer to tow it to your vacant lot.

But it’s yours if you’re willing somehow to remove it from Roger and Linda Dolecheck’s farmstead in rural Ellston. Would like to save it.”To translate for the rest of you who don't know stoic Iowa farmers as well as I do, Roger typing a low-key "Would like to save it" on Craigslist carries all the emotional weight of Marlon Brando screaming "Stella!About seven years ago they built a new house on the same property.The couple today can glance out their kitchen window and still see the top of their former home about 100 yards away as it pokes above the roof line of a machine shed. “We raised four children in it, and it was kind of fun. I'm polyamorous and have had long term relationships with women and men. IWant Alace-Amory Fetlife Username: Alace Amory. I doubt that dismantling and moving it piece by piece would be cheaper.

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