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Imagine a bot sensing that you’re feeling down and then showing you a pop-up ad for chocolate—nonetheless prescription medication. The FCC is aware that certain regulations, such as wiretapping, will need to be adjusted for chatbots, and is working on petitions to get the process started.

When surveyed teens were asked to compare Bzz to finding answers online or calling a hotline, Bzz won.From X2AI test runs using the bot with Syrians, they noticed that technologies like Karim offer something humans cannot: For those in need of counseling but concerned with the social stigma ofseeking help, a bot can be comfortingly objective and non-judgmental.This brings us to another large group of people who are afraid of judgment: teenagers.Of course, tons is available on the internet, but trusting that children will find information that’s reliable while wading through nonsense is naïve.As a result, sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise and disproportionately affect young people age 15-24, who account for over half of the estimated 20 million new STD cases per year.Teen pregnancies are declining in the US, but it’s worth noting that the US still far outpaces the teen pregnancy rate of any other developed country.

When it comes to drugs, school programs have learned that a zero tolerance drug stance does not effectively dissuade young people from using illegal or non-prescribed substances.Drug and sex education are ripe for chatbot intervention.While there’s strong demandfor fact-based information to inform decision making, there is a dearth of reliable sex and drug education resources.Without adequate support in sex and drug education, teenagers are forced to seek their own answers.But there is a stigma attached to seeking this sort of information publicly.If you tease her, she may decide it’s okay to playfully tease you back.

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