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It’s equally pertinent to the one on how to flirt with girls. If you want to successfully flirt with a girl – especially an Indian girl – striking a balance between sounding hungry and sounding bold is key. You’re looking hot in that photo you recently posted.Don’t be apologetic for taking her time (girls hate that). ;)” On the other hand, if it has been a week that you’ve started talking/chatting with her and you haven’t actually gotten around to complimenting her even once yet, chances are you’re not going anywhere. And they need to sound natural, casual and confident. Each girl has her distinct level of comfort with flirting.

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Most guys feel shy to start a conversation with a girl face to face.

If you’re wondering “How to flirt with a girl if facing her makes me nervous?

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Nothing turns girls off more than under-confident desperation. So while flirting with a girl, don’t be the oh-so-caring I’ll-do-anything-for-you-including-daily-chores man-in-waiting of hers – that can wait for life after marriage.

I’ve already talked about this in the discussion on how to impress girls. ” In case she doesn’t reply the first time you ping her, never use the same opening line the next time. : P For now, that kind of behaviour will make her like you as a friend and a pet – not as a man she feels attracted to.

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You can join our free chat rooms without registration and you are NOT required to give out your personal details to join the Telugu Chat Rooms.

Our online chat rooms are very easy to use, you just have to enter a random nick name and you are in.

Some stop talking to you if you call them hot, while some feel offended if you don’t.

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