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Ma is also the most prominent employer of the chop block on the Chinese National Team, which he uses to cross up his opponents.

This led to further criticism of his inability to come through on the biggest stages at the toughest moments.

In the first place, he suffered career setback by Japan's Koki Niwa in six games at the Asian Olympic Qualification Tournament and then subsequently lost to Lee Sang-su at the 2012 Korea Open, 4–1.

Players were selected based on the ITTF World Rankings.

While he may not be the most powerful player on the Chinese National Team, Ma is the most unpredictable.

Fellow Chinese teammates have remarked that he is a very tactical player and is always searching for a solution.

He won the China Open at two different locations (beating Wang and then Xu Xin in the final), the Asian Championships (for the third time), and the China National Games in a full-stretch match against Fan Zhendong.

However, Xu defeated him 4–3 at the end of the year at the ITTF World Tour Grand Finals.He then won the China Open for the fifth time, which tied him with Wang Liqin for the most ever.Ma's first encounter with Zhang Jike at a Grand Slam competition came in October 2014, at the World Cup in Düsseldorf.This led to many believing he was inferior to compatriot Zhang Jike, who completed his Grand Slam in just over a year.After his third defeat to Wang Hao at the WTTC in 2013, Ma had a successful year.Before turning 22, he had great success in singles, reaching the finals of 11 ITTF World Tour tournaments (winning 8).