Tips for dating someone in aa

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Tips for dating someone in aa

That, my friends, probably won’t happen with a sober guy.

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Don't ask your friends to tell you everything they can because you can end up with a tainted view of what to expect.

Nowadays, my hunky sober husband is up early, packing bikes or surfboards into his truck, and getting ready for a day of fun and adventure.

Your sober guy understands that there’s no excuse for being a jerk or making bad decisions —not even alcohol.

I understand the stereotypes of people who don’t drink: overly serious, super religious, constantly talking about AA, or threatening to slip back into addiction.

But the truth is, guys who are solidly sober and living a healthy life are just as diverse as guys who drink. I can give you eight reasons why, but they don’t just apply to guys.

"Please don't assume we're going to the nicest restaurant in the city because I won't take you there.

I'll take you to a dive bar with amazing burgers to see how you react.Sober guys know that pretending everything is fine doesn’t work for them.So, while I can’t guarantee that your sober guy will ask for directions when you’re lost, I’d be willing to bet he’ll ask for emotional support when he needs it.Maybe you want a guy who’s strong enough to pick you up and carry you up to the bedroom in a moment of passion, move heavy furniture, or open pickle jars for you.That’s all fine and good, but when it comes to strength I think the hottest way someone can be strong is from within their soul.For many, that outlet is AA or NA, but other sober guys may have a therapist, clergy member, or a group of other like-minded people to rely upon when times are tough.