Updating ambiguous beliefs

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In addition, the UA journalism school’s policy is that no laptop can be connected to the school’s network.

Many assignments will be completed in class on deadline.

You’ll develop the skills of a professional editor: This class is designed to help you think like an editor.

To be an effective editor (or an effective journalist), you must be accurate, always doubt, be curious and read incessantly.

Most of what you’ll learn in this course encompasses the copy editor’s job, but those skills are also needed by reporters, PR practitioners and others in the fast-paced world of journalism.

Editors experience the satisfaction of working with words and with people who care about words; the excitement of doing a dozen unrelated tasks at the same time; and the rare pleasure of never, not for a moment, being bored.

In addition, be prepared for lots of outside-of-class editing and reading assignments. Two books are required for this course: , is available online. Two other excellent online news sites are NPR and CNN.

Reading assignments This class focuses on writing, editing and reading. Also keep an eye on blogs and other online sites, such as You Tube.

Any student in violation of these rules will be asked only once to turn off electronic devices and/or put the materials away before being asked to leave the classroom.

These types of behavior are considered disruptive behavior and could lead to a formal report being filed with the Dean of Student’s office.

Grades I hope you concentrate on learning rather than your GPA.

Do the work for its own sake rather than for a letter or number.

For an international perspective, follow one of the world’s best newspapers (The Guardian) and one of the world’s best magazines (The Economist).