Updating database using asp net

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Updating database using asp net - who is jacob latimore dating

First thing to do here is to derive our “Courses Controller” from “System. NET MVC gives you a powerful, patterns-based way to build dynamic websites that enables a clean separation of concerns and that gives you full control over markup for enjoyable, agile development. NET MVC includes many features that enable fast, TDD-friendly development for creating sophisticated applications that use the latest web standards.

I have spent several hours and read tons of articles but have not been able to get it. On a side note, is it possible to call the initializer without having a reference to my Database Context in the client?

When a beginner joins a company or if there is a final round of interviews, known as a machine round, then most of the time the team leader gives the Candidate the first assignment to create an application which allows the end user to upload only Excel files and display it in a grid view and download it.

When I joined a company the same task was given to me by my team leader; instead I was expecting him to give me the task of inserting, updating and deleting in a grid view.

Now we want to add a Web API Controller which will handle HTTP requests issued against the OData URI “/odata/Courses”. Entity Set Controller“, the constructor of this class accepts two parameters, the first one is the entity type mapped to this controller, and the second one is the data type of the primary key for this entity, the code for this OData controller will look as the below: The Entity Set Controller class has number of abstract and override methods for updating or querying an entity, so you will notice that there are many methods you can override such as: Get(), Get Entity By Key(), Create Entity(), Patch Entity(), Update Entity(), etc..

To do this right-click on Controllers folder-Name the controller “Courses Controller” and choose “Empty API Controller” Template. As I mentioned before, this controller will be a read only controller, which means that I’ll implement only read support for URI “/odata/Courses”, so by looking at the code above we’ve implemented the following: Now we need to test the controller, we’ll use fiddler or Post Man to compose the HTTP Get requests, the accept header for all requests will be application/json so we’ll get JSON Light response, you can check how the results are formatted if you passed application/json;odata=verbose or application/atom xml.

I have included all the relevant code I could think of.

If anything else would be helpful, please let me know.Data project here as the navigation properties between database entities are important to understand the relations that will be generated between OData entities. Once The project is created we need install Entity Framework version 6 using Nu Get package manager or Nu Get package console, the package we’ll install is named “Entity Framework“. Net Web API doesn’t come with a support for OData, to add this we need to install Nu Get package named “Microsoft. We’ll use the OData Convention Model Builder as it will depend on the navigation properties defined between your entities to generate the association sets and relationship links. If you want more flexibility and control over the association sets then you have to use the OData Model Builder approach.Once you have your database access layer project ready then you can follow along with me to create new Learning. I will assume that you have Web Tools 2013.1 for VS 2012 installed on your machine or you have VS 2013, so you can use the ASP. Net Web API 2 project as the image below, you can name your project “Learning. When the package is installed, we need to add a reference for the class library “Learning. So we will add four different entities to the model builder, note that the string parameter “Courses” defines the entity set name and should match the controller name, so our controller name must be named “Courses Controller”.Fortunately it's just a small "throwaway" app I'll discard soon anyway ... The reason for my DB not getting seeded remains a mystery (but it wasn't the lack of a default base constructor call, as noted by @Jared Reisinger) I appreciate this question is a little old but I ended up here so someone else might.Here's my tuppence worth: My DB was getting created fine but not seeded, even if I deleted the database and started again using Drop Database Initialiser.In this tutorial I’ll be using the same solution I’ve used in the previous tutorial but I will start new Web API 2 project then we’ll implement OData service using Web API. Net Web API 2 template we used has by default a class named “Web Api Config” inside the “App_Start” folder, when you open this class you will notice that inside the “Register” method it has a “config.

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