Updating drupal 5

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Upon completion of what I thought was a successul upgrade, they all suffered from the same common problem – trying to save a new post resulted in a “The post could not be saved” error.There were also various other database access errors in logs.

But if the system is coming up short in lots of areas, definitely weigh the cost of developing and supporting custom code to time spent customizing Drupal....remember, free software is only free at the outset..longterm. You will need to do some investigating as some modules are merged in new Drupal releases, while others just disappear.For any certification training requirements, consult your agency’s Acquisition Career Manager (ACM).continuous learning modules (CLMs) are self-paced online training assets available “on demand” 24/7.Most take 1-2 hours to complete, but a few can take up to 9 hours.Back to Top When looking for online training, I find terms like distance learning courses, continuous learning modules, and virtual instructor-led training.These names and phrases are for different flavors of online training.I am trying to work out what is the best way to upgrade which is built on Drupal 5 to Drupal 7. If the answer is, start new with Drupal 7 and then import content, this also opens up another question, i.e.

should we ditch Drupal completely and use a php framework such as which would of course be a costly exercise.

As far as frameworks versus Drupal, it is a wash either way.

Drupal is free, but the time for supporting it is not.

To repair, go to admin/content/node-settings and select the “rebuild permissions” button.

Once the permissions were repaired it was fine – until you made another post and then Drupal repeated the offline cycle and the beginning of page access SQL errors in the log again.

To maintain your FAC-C or FAC-PPM, you must earn eighty (80) CLPs every two years.