Updating sys servers

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This made a lot of sense as NLB does something similar. If you don’t see the right hostname in the server name field, you should check the results of the Auto Discover.You can use the option Test E-mail Auto Configuration in the CTRL right-click menu of Outlook or you can use the website to test you Auto Discover results.

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This post is about the first part of updating this fresh 4.11 system to a state that’s a bit less catastrophic.

Failover Clustering is not compatible with Network Load Balancing (NLB) and NLB is used for failover of the Client Access Server (CAS) role.

As an alternative one could use a hardware or software load balancer that load balances TCP/IP traffic, but those don’t come cheap, which doesn’t really make sense for the smaller shops. After a lot of thinking, discussing and experimenting I came up with a solution.

You can use this site to test almost any aspect of your Exchange connectivity. > < Autodiscover xmlns=" < Response xmlns=" < User> < Display Name> Test</Display Name> <…> < Deployment Id>fd337f53-17f0-47a1-b92d-dc549fac3b65</Deployment Id> </User> < Account> < Account Type>email</Account Type> < Action>settings</Action> < Protocol> < Type> EXCH</Type> < Server> Time to implement the Power Shell script.

You should get something like the following as a result. The script will take care of the CAS failover by activating the IP on one of the Exchange 2010 servers.

And whatever is not running won’t cause us any problems. There’s just one problem: Downloading and decompressing the latest pkgsrc release (currently 2016Q4) won’t complete the bootstrapping process.

Obviously Free BSD 4.11 is no longer supported – which is not so much of a surprise. After doing so I found out that 2009Q4 seems to be the last release to bootstrap successfully. Free BSD comes with CVS as part of the base system. And Net BSD’s CVS server won’t accept (which totally makes sense)!

To give you an idea what this means, here are a few program versions: Various program’s versions in 4.11’s base system So we have these programs among others: GCC 2.95.4 Binutils 2.12.1 Perl 5.0 Open SSH 3.5 To make matters worse, the ports tree for Free BSD 4.11 is pretty dead, too. This may not be strictly necessary but we want to improve the security of this system, right? I’ll connect to the 4.11 box remotely over SSH because it’s much more convenient to have my trusty terminal at hand and to be able to copy and paste stuff: . Being a Net BSD project however, it’s not limited to just Net BSD.

It’s important to get newer compilers running, but around 2005 Free BSD used special releases to build GCC from (“gcc-core”) and I was not able to find a single mirror on the net that still holds those old and exotic files! And I wouldn’t trust those crusty old daemons at all. Free BSD 4.11 with most daemons disabled If you reboot now, sendmail and syslogd as well as cron, usbd and inetd will be disabled. It’s a truely portable way of building and managing software (I might write a separate post about it some time).

There should be enough comments in the script to figure it out, otherwise just leave a comment and I’ll be sure to answer!

You might also want to change the text of the e-mail that is being send in case of failover. There are a couple of settings that you have to edit in the script to customize it for your environment and preferences.

This is definitely something that we can build upon. The traditional way of getting Free BSD code was over CVS. Free BSD migrated from CVS to SVN (subversion) in 2008. Eventually subversion will be installed and available on the system.

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