Updating the g1

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Updating the g1 - Sex flashchat

And then select "Format" and then accept the confirmation to initialize the CF card.Serial Interface Cable IFC-200PCS (optional) for IBM PC/AT compatible computer, or Serial Interface Cable IFC-200MC (optional) for Macintosh is required for serial connection.

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Press "MENU" button and select the tools "Setup" menu.

Two methods of firmware updating are provided for you: One is to load it by yourself directly from this web page, as described in the Power Shot G1 Firmware Installation Procedure.

Another is to have the new firmware installed by the Canon Service Center in your country or region, or the local Canon Distributor mentioned in the Canon European Warranty System List (EWS).

When you attempt to transfer the data to the CF card in the Power Shot G1 with the "Upload Firmware", do not open the CF card slot cover, turn the Main Dial or turn the power off until the data transfer is completed.

Any of the above operations during data transfer will disable the firmware update.

If the voltage of BP-511 drops rapidly to a certain level, the protection circuit automatically stops the terminal output voltage to prevent any further drop in voltage. It happens if you store the BP-511 in the camera or leave it without use for a long period of time even if it is not stored in the camera.

With Firmware Version or before, BP-511 Battery Packs that had become over-discharged were sometimes not chargeable in the camera.(Automatic flash exposure with the Power Shot G1 is only possible using the built-in flash or an EX-series Speedlite.) (CF) card of 2MB or greater capacity for the firmware update.(The 16MB CF card supplied with your Power Shot G1 is an excellent choice for this purpose.) Use the dedicated AC power supply Compact Power Adapter CA-560 (includeded in the camera set) during the firmware update.PC Connector Kit (optional) may be required in some locations.The Main Dial of the Power Shot G1 should be set to (PC) mode while the PC is connected.The indicator lamp goes off and the camera restarts automatically in Replay mode. Each of these programs has a "Camera Settings" window that displays the version number of the connected camera's firmware.

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