Updating windows product key

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Things you need to know before beginning to reinstall Windows 7 using this method # This guide is helpful for those who have a Windows 7 DVD but not the product key.# Your Windows 7 PC must be bootable and your PC must have an optical drive (DVD drive).

This becomes a bit more complicated if you have lost your Windows 7 DVD box on which license key is printed or if you have deleted the mail containing your product key for Windows 7.NOTE: You may need to make necessary changes to the BIOS/UEFI to allow booting from DVD.Step 8: After booting from Windows 7 DVD, you’ll see System Recovery Options dialog where you need to select a keyboard input method.And once reinstallation is done, it even allows you recover those files and folders but not applications from the folder.Step 7: Finally, insert your Windows 7 DVD into the drive before clicking the Restart button.It’s stable, smooth and running that is incredibly elegant presenting a lot of new functions that are graphical. But maximum users only wish to choose between two versions.

Microsoft has stated that 80 percent of users are Windows that set up Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Professional.

Select a input method and then click Next button to continue.

Step 9: When you see a dialog with “Are you sure you want to reinstall Windows? Next, you will see “Do you have a Windows installation disc” message, for which, you need to click the Yes button, since you already have inserted the right disc. Windows setup will start and begin reinstalling Windows.

Step 3: Here, under System Restore section, click on the option labelled Advanced recovery methods.

Step 4: In this window, you’ll see two options: # Use a system image you created earlier to recover your computer # Reinstall Windows (requires Windows installation disc) While the first option lets you restore a system image, the second option lets you reinstall Windows OS without having to enter the product key.

Windows 7 Home Premium is amongst the best versions of Windows 7, therefore, get the entertainment that is perfect for Windows 7 Home Premium.