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Watch the video At the close of 2017, over 950 million people were chatting via We Chat messenger – that is quite some information sharing right there!

Recently, nine Australian cross-border payment service providers have partnered with We Chat Pay to connect Australian merchants to Chinese consumers.Now, demand from Chinese tourists is increasing its uptake in Australia, and Australians are using We Chat too.Here's what you need to know if you plan to use it.At this stage, only customers with Chinese bank accounts can use We Chat to make payments, so the global push still largely relies on Chinese consumers.However, the app's latest venture in Malaysia suggests the company is now planning to target overseas domestic users.A recent study shows 84 per cent of people in China are willing and able replace cash with mobile payment.

As Chinese President Xi Jinping vows to make China a cyber superpower, Chinese tech companies are extending their ambitions to build a cash-free economy beyond the border.

But as long as the party state controls their right to operate in the Chinese market, they will continue to make profit at the cost of users' freedom of speech.

According to We Chat's own claims, user data is not monitored or stored by the company, as long as there is no requirement from the Chinese authorities.

Although the Chinese Communist Party urges its firms to expand into global markets, the party's intimate relationship with China's tech sector has made overseas consumers wary.

Although there is no firm evidence to prove that these products have actually been used for government spying, such suspicions are not entirely groundless.

In late November, We Chat obtained an e-payment license in Malaysia that will allow locals to use Malaysian banks to pay.

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