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Tom adores being rimmed, as do I, and I knew he would react when I started to flick my tongue round his arsehole.It looked beautiful with the tight ridges and the brown puckered rosebud in the middle.

He struggled to get up and struggled even more to try and get swimming trunks over his erection which showed no signs of going down.I could see Tom was pissed off as he was still sporting a massive hard on with a full load that he was desperate to deposit in or on me.In truth I was rather looking forward to that too, but all in good time.I had also taken the trouble the previous evening before going to bed of making sure my cunt was perfectly shaved.I keep it shaved generally but every now and again I give it a really close shave so that cuntlicking makes it tingle."What a turn on" I said after the woman finally came up for air and slipped back down to finish her man off. " I found myself saying as I stood up and bent over. "I also heard that English men are very shy." Tom didn't say anything.

Before Tom could react I had joined our new female friend on the bottom of the jacuzzi and had Tom's enormous cock in my mouth. The silence of the water, the sensation of the breath holding and the excitement of being watched. I pulled the swimsuit open and let the two of them see my arse in all its glory. He just stood up, took off his trunks, and let Nicky have a face full of his cock. He had only come three minutes earlier so to get a hard on again was impressive and then to show it to a stranger was extremely erotic.

After five minutes of erotic rimming I went for the bulls eye and pushed my tongue deep into the centre.

He was moaning loudly by now and his right hand was moving down to play with what I knew to be a very very hard cock.

Indeed as Tom is quite a big boy his knob was clearly visible over the elasticated top.

We walked hand in hand the few hundred yards to the pool but I pulled him past the main pool and walked round to the hot tub.

I decided that I would leave him at the height of ecstasy and came back up to kiss him on the shoulder. "Have I ever told you what a gorgeous arsehole you have.

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