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" Soon the twenty‑two-year‑old has shed his Fubu boots for a shabby pair of bowling shoes, his diamond‑encrusted Rolex gleaming as he tightens the laces.No one in the group is a particularly skilled bowler, but when it comes to picking up spares and shouting obnoxious comments, Bizzy's team dominates, Bizzy himself consistently breaking 100.

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Like his group's best work, the album is master‑crafted pop that's also subversively weird.

The group began singing together and Bizzy became one of the founding members of Bone Enterprises in 1992.

It wasn't long before the guys' music caught the ear of N. A rapper Eazy-E and they were signed to Ruthless Records in 1993, renaming themselves Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and dropping their debut Bone Thugs would go on to supply a defining sound for Cleveland and make hits like "1st of the Month," "East 1999" and "Tha Crossroads," which won a Grammy in 1997 for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group.

There's the one about being stood up by Mya at his record-release party, where he was hoping for a romantic interlude. Had me waitin' at the altar in my brand‑new tux." Then there's the one about how, prior to the Ruthless deal, the members of Bone walked to Tone Loc's house for an audition. Details leak out but are quickly squashed with a mordant laugh or an awkward subject change. Bizzy makes sure the kids get to school, meets with their teachers and sits through "that damn Toy Story." "They got me fucked‑up out here, man," he moans. Bizzy sports a corduroy Pelle Pelle outfit, his hair pulled back in a ponytail. He generally spends his days with his kids and hits the studio at night, often until three or four in the morning.

"I didn't even send out many invitations, neither, 'cause I just knew it was gonna happen! His song "Nobody Can Stop Me" offers more clues, with lines like "What if I said I was molested? Like one of his idols, Prince ‑ whose "When Doves Cry" supplies the hook for "Thugz Cry" -Bizzy says he has stockpiled more than 300 songs.

After nailing anything better than a seven‑ten split, he takes to raising his arms and loudly demanding, "Touch me! " In the image‑obsessed world of hip‑hop, you've gotta admire a superstar who bowls in the presence of a reporter, who could live anywhere in the world but chooses his glamour‑starved hometown of Columbus, which he affectionately calls "the C‑O," and who is more intent on kicking back with his buds than feeding on his own myth.

Bizzy's youthful rise to stardom makes his rooted­ness all the more surprising.The clerk recognizes Bizzy and comps him the goods for the promise of a couple of autographed CDs. ' " Doctors told him he was an alcoholic; he quit cold turkey to record the album but has since "slipped back into a couple of sips." He has also returned to Columbus to raise his five children.Then Bizzy, defying his silent, mystery‑man rep, launches into the first of several rambling monologues. Supposedly, Tone Loc got on the radio and said, 'They came to my, house bum‑y.' He trippin' off the truth! " Many rappers exaggerate troubled pasts to gain street cred, but Bizzy clams up when asked about his years as a foster child, his crack‑addicted father or the torment that his light skin attracted. The oldest is eight, the youngest ten months; their mother no longer lives with them. I feel like the babies' mama." Then, as if trying to convince himself, he continues: "I'm cool, though. Like Bob Dylan and his son." The next evening we meet for dinner at the Long Horn Steakhouse, a Texas‑themed chain that's all wood paneling and mounted dead things. Then he explains that he plans to buy a pair of gator-skin bowling shoes and start a team, and he bobs his head along to the Judds song playing on the loudspeaker, warning,"This shit'll grow on you." But Bizzy's prime obsession remains his own music. 12, is the 41st birthday of Cleveland artist and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony member Bryon Anthony Mc Cane II, better known as Bizzy Bone.Bizzy Bone met his fellow members Layzie Bone, Krayzie Bone, Wish Bone and Flesh-n-Bone when he was 13 years old in Cleveland. tc#es, sluts and hoes” while also approaching her in an aggressive manner and threatening her.

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