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They decided their obligations to their family came first.

But it wasn't fashionable for noblewomen to help the poor and people gossiped about two girls out alone on the streets.Fasting and scourging were far easier than this torture God now asked her to face. For months she lay close to death, unable to eat or move or speak. After years of begging he was so unrecognizable that when he returned home his own father thought he was just another beggar and made him sleep under the stairs.In her own way, Frances must have felt unrecognized by her family -- they couldn't see how she wanted to give up everything for Jesus. Alexis told her God was giving her an important choice: Did she want to recover or not?She was thrust even more deeply into society and worldly duties.Her family was right, though -- she was an excellent administrator and a fair and pleasant employer.Her father-in-law, furious that she was giving away their supplies during a famine, took the keys of the granary and wine cellar away from her.

Then just to make sure she wouldn't have a chance to give away more, he sold off their extra corn, leaving just enough for the family, and all but one cask of one.

But a household as large as the Ponziani's needed someone to run it.

Everyone thought that sixteen-year-old Frances was best qualified to take her mother-in-law's place.

Frances probably felt that's what he was doing by forcing her to marry.

But just as he wouldn't listen to her, Frances wouldn't listen to him.

After two more children were born to her -- a boy, Giovanni Evangelista, and a girl, Agnes -- a flood brought disease and famine to Rome.

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