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He claimed Hudson only initiated the protective order against Otunga after she learned the 37-year-old would likely be granted residential care of their son.“When it became apparent to Ms. Otunga would be the parent granted residential care of the child, as a result of Mr.Otunga being the child's primary caregiver while Ms. Hudson decided to file a meritless Petition for Order of Protection in an effort to gain an unfair advantage in the custody dispute,” the statement read.

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There was also a small groupage fleet (4-5 mini artics) working out of North Weald airfield.

There was also a small groupage fleet (4-5 mini artics) working out of North Weald airfield. I left in 1982 during (what I saw as) the IBM fiasco.

When I was with them the office was next to the Betterware factory in North Street, Romford. Chet trux had a few english drivers working for them Jim Smethurst and Brian Cobb being two of them running Spanish Pagasos down to the Middle East. A few trailers with jo-loader rails - not enough for the contract and those that had them were often damaged and rejected by IBM.

They did have quite a few Scania LB 81's with sleeper cabs,which I think were Jennings conversions.

They did indeed go bust.[/u]I used to work at Chris Hudson International in the traffic office.

Kirbs50Hi Kirbs, do you know what the connection was ( if any ) between Chris Hudson International and CHET TRUX who ran out of I. Can't remember, but I think the rate was 15p or 55p a mile in the early 80's. No mobile phones, so drivers had two numbers to call, Import (I'm at Felixstowe and need another trailer) and export (I'm empty, where do I go now? I remember clients seemed to think we were running an airline rather than a road haulage company - 'where's my trailer, it's 15 minutes late'.

I used to do the in-house magazine (typewriter and photocopier) and there are still some copies in the loft for those who have no life at all. I had a camera, so I became the company photographer (the A-class - see above, the first outing for the monoframe, the company brochure...)If you had anything to do with Chris Hudson's, you may remember Chas King, an absolute gentleman, sadly long gone I guess.

Mate was then on with Mc Carthys of Wrexham when I did some work for himguy who lived near us used to drive for Chris Hudson, he had an F88, and in them days it did look the business, it would have been in 1976, remember it well as I was doing his eldest daughter at the time "Doing his eldest daughter at the time"??? Trans UK did some subbying work for Chris Hudson around 1980-ish,we used to pick up trailers from Felixstowe,tip them and then drop them at West Thurrock,where Lakeside is now.

They were sticklers for getting the CMR signed AND stamped,and if you didn't,then they wouldn't pay you.

attend the 43rd NAACP Image Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium on February 17, 2012 in Los Angeles. Hudson or their son, and it is unfortunate, especially in today’s climate, that she would feel the need to make these false allegations against him. Otunga looks forward to his day in court and in being awarded the residential care of the parties’ only child,” the statement read.

Otunga, a former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler, disputed the protective order, saying he was never physically harmful towards Hudson or their son. Otunga tried to reach a parenting agreement with Hudson for several weeks.

Remember when going scotch (if from the south), or going down to the smoke (if from the north), was long distance? Recall those companies long gone, where every day was an adventure?