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The following is a list of the cast members for the 3rd season.

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Currently, she is a reporter for Good Day Sacramento and has had an extensive amount of reporting experience prior to.Ashley and her sister prepare a speech honoring their mother.Gerren struggles with her feelings for Moriah while Lor'Rena schemes with Aunjel. Moriah tells his mom his true feelings about Gerren. Sal and Lala have a double date with Lor'Rena and Johnathan.Yes, many people thought it was corny and partially scripted, but the show was actually success and lasted three seasons.In fact, a lot of people grew fond of some of the characters on the show.Although things have been relatively quiet for her since graduating a few years ago, it is known that Lor Rena is the mother to a young boy named Cruz.

Season one alum Roqui Theus didn’t let her outgoing and driven spirits die down after ending her appearances on the show.Lor'Rena receives advice from her grandmother on her feud with Gerren. Sal has a date with La La and considers a new path. Source: xfinitytv.Remember the TV show Baldwin Hills?It’s been three years since the show ended, and we know we’re not the only one’s curious what these young entertainers ended up doing with their lives.Most of them have completely disappeared into obscurity, while others are still trying to make their mark in various fields.That show about young African American teenagers who come from rich families?

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