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As the months passed, she continued to share how helpful she found the stories of my experiences following my husband’s passing.

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Even when I was not hungry, these treats still made me feel loved and cared for.

Maryann’s interview offers many insights and practical suggestions on how to support a widow during the first year after the loss of their spouse.

Please feel free to comment or share your own experiences on how your friends and family have assisted you in restoring balance in your life after the loss of a loved one in the comment section below. My inspiration for From We To Me came from my friend Eddie’s appreciation of the letters I sent to her weekly as she experienced her first year as a widow.

At such a time it is especially important to return to what is essential and true, what cannot be bought or sold.

Simple acts of loving kindness, an open heart that listens, hands that care—with a friend, a stranger, with someone in need.

The first year after my husband died, I just got through holidays and special celebrations.

The sadness was real, and my family and I respected that in each other.

Traditions were not as important, especially the first year.

I learned not to have a lot of expectations and was comfortable in accepting the lonely feelings I experienced.

These are the true currencies of our shared humanity, which easily break through barriers and remind us of a unity deeper than our surface divisions.

In our true nature we are not consumers but lovers, and life is not about economic prosperity or getting more stuff, but is a love affair waiting to be lived.” —Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Love: Life’s Greatest Gift How to Support a Grieving Loved one on Valentine’s Day Articles – Valentine’s Day & the Loss of a Loved One Posted in Holiday Grief Support, Loss of a Spouse, Love, Valentine's Day | Tagged: grief and valentine's day, sympathy and valentine's day, sympathy at valentine's day, Valentine's Day | Leave a Comment » Grief Healing Telesummit: Enjoy free access to 17 amazing speakers who share their best information to help you transform grief into healing and living again! March 12 at 1pm EST The Grief Toolbox Toolbox What’s Your Grief Peace & Wellness Centere Embrace Your Inner Self Simply Kerryy Dorothy Fitzer Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy With Sympathy Gifts & Keepsakes, Tina Games, Michael Mapes, Margaret Paul, Maggie Chula, Uma Girish, Tabitha Jayne and Transcending Loss: Understanding the lifelong impact of grief Free Registration at March 10 -18, 2014 Please share with those with a grieving heart!

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